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"One thing was certain we were in the fight of our lives, for her life. With this, just one of the squalls, of a violent storm with the worst yet to come. It would be the storm that would bring us to our knees in desperation and jubilation."

-Good Morning, Beautiful

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Good Morning, Beautiful:
Winning the Battle Over Seizures

Book cover of Good Morning BeautifulIt was as stormy Minnesota morning in late June when Christina was born, seemingly healthy. Life was perfect. After moving to Texas, Christina showed signs something wasn’t right. Worried she wasn’t developing as Mathew our two year-old son had, we asked for more testing. Frustration set in when the doctor suggested I was having post-partum depression. A new doctor gave Christina a clean bill of health. Immunizations were given. Forty-eight hours later, she was hospitalized with seizures eight to ten seconds apart.

After trying every anti-seizure drug, we heard about a special diet called ketogenic. Learning the diet was developed at Mayo Clinic in the 1920s and based on scripture concerning fasting, we asked her neurologist to put her on it. Christina’s life was put at risk when the diet wasn’t administered properly and a deadly metabolic disorder was misdiagnosed. In an effort to try to save our daughter’s life, we drove twelve-hundred miles to Mayo Clinic. A second MRI found a lesion in her right temporal lobe, previously missed. Surgery was not an option due to generalized seizures. The only hope was seizure control. The diet proved a success. She had one month seizure free. With an onset of flu symptoms, Christina needed to be admitted again to the local hospital. The wrong IV fluid was given, sending the diet off course. Unable to get seizure control again, by the time Christina turned two-and-a-half years old she was autistic, seldom made eye contact and did not speak. Seizures came without warning, although were lessened by the diet. We needed a miracle.

To the amazement of her doctor the seizures were localized in the right temporal lobe. The two years on the diet had healed the rest of her brain. For the first time, brain surgery became an option. Surgery to remove the entire right temporal lobe of her brain was done by the chief of pediatric neurosurgery at Mayo Clinic. Christmas Day, 2001, was the last seizure. Post surgery, her development regressed. Armed with hope that what was seen would not be final, we continued to pray.

There were times we wondered if we should give up. It would have been much easier. Instead, we lifted our daughter to the Lord, praying and believing for a miracle.

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"All of us parents fear the day the doctor tells us something is terribly wrong with one of our children. You will be challenged, encouraged, and moved to tears as you read Paulette's raw but inspiring journey. As a parent, I hope I would exhibit the same faith and hope if my child were to endure what little Christine endured.

This book is destined to move your heart toward the Heavenly Father, whose loving arms carry us during our most difficult trials. Whether you're caring for a similarly suffering child or not, you'''ll want to pick up this book and read the story of an ordinary family on an extraordinary journey of faith."

-Daniel Darling, Senior Pastor, Gages Lake Bible Church, columnist for Crosswalk.com, and author of Teen People of the Bible, and Crash Course, Forming a Faith Foundation for Life.

"Good Morning Beautiful is the story of baby Christina’s new life, her brushes with death due to frequent epileptic seizures, and her rebirth thanks to the effects of a three-fold treatment: ketogenic diet, brain surgery ,and prayer. But it’s also the story of the rebirth of Christina’s parents, Larry and Paulette. During the course of Christina’s medical journey, God transformed them from a doubting, unsure couple into faithful, passionate advocates for their daughter. Paulette George’s narrative reminds readers of the power God gives parents to wield on behalf of their children – their power as world-class experts about their children, the power of education and advocacy on their child’s behalf, and most of all, the power of a parent’s loving and faithful prayers."

-Jolene Philo, author of A Different Dream for My Child: Meditations for Parents of Critically or Chronically Ill Children